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This was the case for three of the 16 coral files being analyzed. In subsequent reports on the Vaito'otia-Fa'ahia excavations, Sinoto b, , c regarded the new Society Islands finds as direct support for the orthodox scenario. Biggs went on to observe that a simple A to B to C settlement model such as that from Marquesas to Societies to New Zealand was unrealistic. Although early sites have not been difficult to locate in the narrowly-confined Marquesan valleys, archaeological coverage of the archipelago has by no means been complete.

The same can be said for other aspects of culture as well, for it is clear that Eastern Polynesian societies share many features which must have been developed in an ancestral community before dispersal to the various East Polynesian islands and archipelagos. They wiped out over twenty species of land birds, including some far larger than present-day species. The type of DNA extracted and analysed in this kind of study is that stored in the cell's mitochondria.


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When we further consider that a the earliest stratigraphic contexts in both MUH1 and MH remain undated, and b the sampling problems raised earlier, the possibility that the Marquesas were colonised as early as the mid-first millennium B. Likewise, Green demonstrated that Hawaiian should be subgrouped with Marquesan, but that certain innovations uniquely shared between Hawaiian and Tahitian implied later borrowing.
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Excavation unit numbers cross reference with Table S3. None the less, a chain of settlement leading through the Cook Islands and Society group to the Marquesas would be more in keeping with what we know of the process of oceanic colonisation in the south-western Pacific. And most archaeologists see evidence for a Southeast Asian influence on the appearance of the Lapita culture in the Bismarck Archipelago around 3, years ago.
Daddywantsanal 18.01.2020 at 10:48
In their report on the excavations at Hane, Sinoto and Kellum - 23 listed an initial series of C14 age determinations, all by the Gakushuin Laboratory GaK. The Long Pause in West Polynesia had lasted nearly two thousand years, ample time for the Lapita culture to morph fully into the Polynesian. The stratigraphically-complex Hane site yielded a wide variety of artefacts, including a few Polynesian Plain Ware sherds in the lowest layer; the site spans a major part of the prehistoric Marquesan sequence.
Ibro247 18.01.2020 at 10:48
A Polynesian native. Culture areas of the Pacific Islands. Necker Island , even smaller and more barren, lies miles farther northwest. Discussion Stratum IV below the Lapita midden and late prehistoric burial mound is an original beach surface.

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