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About the мovie according to modern scientific dating techniques, approximately how old is the solar system?:

The lesson here is clear: when the evolutionists throw up some new challenge to the Bible's timeline, don't fret over it. Water is by far the most abundant simple compound. You can dig a hole in two minutes with a shovel, but that doesn't mean that all holes were formed in such a short time—especially those formed by natural processes. The claimed isolation of million year old bacteria from salt deposits in the Delaware Basin is still debated; the age of the salt is accepted — contrary to the claims in the second link — but the age of the bacteria is not.

Irregular satellites. As the solid materials were heated up they became liquid - the denser liquids fell to the center of the planet. Sooner or later that supposed evidence will be turned on its head and will even be added to this list of evidences for a younger age of the earth. Early ground-based and spacecraft visible wavelength imaging relied upon photographic techniques, often supplemented by the use of broadband color filters.


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NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has also contributed to narrowing down the age of the universe by reducing the uncertainty of the Hubble constant. While the primary data showed that the surface regions examined have only trace levels of organic material the ppb level or less , high resolution imaging and a variety of other secondary direct soil sampling experiments provided basic information on the chemical composition, magnetism, and other physical properties of the soil Figure 14 Caption [Figure 14] Toulmin et al. All planets move around the Sun in the same direction that the Sun rotates and close to the equatorial plane of the Sun. The rocky objects in this belt have the familiar meteorite composition, as far as can be ascertained.
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Terrestrial volcanic landforms have been studied in great detail both as a means of obtaining information on the thermal evolution and interior characteristics of the Earth as well as providing a comparative basis for the study of volcanic landforms on other planets e. Most of the smooth plains deposits on Mercury are concentrated near the km diameter Caloris impact basin. Charge-Coupled Device CCD cameras, for example, which are now widely available for ground-based and space-based study of the planets, are often limited to operation in the to nm region.
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Perhaps the most ambitious plans, though, have been reserved for Mars. Thornhill, and J. Martian volcanic edifices exhibit a variety of morphologies.
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These techniques can provide quantitative information on the abundances of many rock-forming minerals e. Visible light from the Sun is absorbed in the exosphere. Primary Planetary Surface Modification Processes This section provides a brief overview of the four major surface modification processes that can act on a planetary surface and that can be characterized by planetary geologic remote sensing observations. For example, surface mineralogy can be investigated using spectroscopy from the visible to infrared, because many minerals exhibit diagnostic absorption and emission features at these wavelengths. What is the primary reason that astronomers suspect that some jovian moons were captured into their current orbits?

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