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Maternal responses to their child's emotional expression also play a significant role in teaching the child how to manage his or her own emotions Eisenberg et al. Does my friend have children as well and will their time be free or dictated? In the next sections, we describe the targets for this intervention that incorporates what we know about attachment and family-based interventions for BPD.

Is this okay? However, the difference with this approach is that the therapist observes the interactions between the mother and the child to facilitate the mother linking her past experiences and own attachment style to that of her current relationship with her child. Mothers with BPD may encounter unique parenting challenges, especially in light of the lack of efficacy they feel as parents. For example, an aunt tete has more power to openly criticise and preside over family disputes.


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These are customary marriages that are not legally recognised because the man and woman have fulfilled the cultural marriage ceremonies without signing the marriage register. This happened in my own family when my great-uncle William Santry was born in The authors later replicated these findings in another sample of infant-mother dyads Hobson et al. Why not?
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While there are some minority tribal groups that are matrilocal and matrilineal, men generally hold more decision-making power. One of the challenges faced when studying this topic area is how to disentangle parenting practices that might be unique to mothers with BPD from those that are related to other forms of psychopathology, such as depression. One of my nephews, just one day old. Finally, we discuss implications for interventions with mother-child dyads and provide recommendations regarding points of intervention for this population.
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